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18 December 2008


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Love the photos.
are my favourites.

In regards to the video thing, looks pretty good.
Although it's kinda funny 9/10 of the videos uploaded from the MkII and D90 are 5 minute shots of a flower with the focus changing from the flower, to something in the background, and back. Either that or bokeh-fests of some busy street at night.

There's a couple of nice ones though.
this one made me laugh.

Adam Kozlowski

Cool stuff Chris!

Yeah, 5D2 is a great camera. It's Joanne's cam and i hope it's gonna be a real blast for her to use since the frequently disappointing 400D.

And meeting Trueblood - very cool as well, i haven't researched so far what is it that he really does or who he is, but the photos i saw on DA - amazing. I love that sense of humour.

About talentless people... Funny story - recently my friend sent me a few photos from an event he shot with the new 5d2. He's a studio photog and produces some really amazing commercial photos, especially food. The thing is... that although i can't match his commercial work, as much as i try, even with his hints, his shot from that event were really poor. So... sometimes it's not about talent, it's about specialization. Anyway, Wank and that other dude... it's a different story altogether.

But hey - Wank did say something right recently! :D He laughed at the "black dots" problem that seems to put all the Canon forums in panic mode. Cuz he, just like me and probably You, has not been able to reproduce this effect in real life situations. And even if, it's just negligible.



that "official" dude even managed to butcher photos of puppies. ick.

Scott Alexander

Haha, I always gathered that poodle owners were a little odd..

The sherpa comment might not have been appreciated by all, but thanks for sharing it mate! ;)

Christian Rollinson

the shot of the juxtaposed poodles is awesome, fucking love the way the composition sweeps you through the shot. and the shot of jack is lovely, gotta love happy dogs :D enjoy the snow and merry christmas ;)

Thorsten Overgaard

Wow, that Zeiss 50/1.4 is like ... it cost nothing!

I like the dog on the table, beaming self confidence and light in an else dark environment. And the the man taking off from the floor with Best Show dog, but I mentioned that before.

C Weeks

@dan: thanks, man. vimeo, eh? interesting. i liked the quality of the couple links you sent! perhaps i'll post something there.

that second one was ridiculous. ;)

C Weeks

@adam: she's got an amazing camera for sure.

trueblood is an on-set stills guy but does a lot of personal projects, which is one of the reasons i respect him. it's very hard for me to respect people who don't do personal work.

i know a lot of those studio-set-up guys ... they couldn't make a candid photograph to save their lives. i see their work more along the lines of engineering rather than photography. a lot of the time it's because they have zero social skills: they'd rather hole themselves up in a dark studio and fuck with lights, flags and scrims. no grazie. ;)

nothing fucking wank says means shit. just so you know.

C Weeks

@tina: there's always a place for the tilt-shift. and ... i'm sure that official dude butchered all of the photos. amazing how some people are able to get a job.

C Weeks

@scott: they are for sure, man. and ... no worries ... i still don't think she appreciates it. ;)

C Weeks

@thorsten: yeah, just proves that zeiss is smarter than leica in so many ways. instead of having so many r-mount lenses sitting around gathering dust in some german warehouse ... they could license mounts and actually sell r-mount stuff. thing is ... they'd be 4 times more expensive than they need to be.

zeiss really is doing it right ... right now. yes, i know a lot of their stuff is made in japan. japan. germany. whatever. as long as it isn't china.

glad you liked the dog shots, man!

Darren Abate

It is official: all future assistants will now be known as Sherpas.

Glad to see you approve of my new favorite tools, the Zeiss 50/1.4 and it's big brother, the 85/1.4. I weep when I am required to unmount them for whatever reason.

In fact, here's a slideshow I made last night. The soundtrack is an inside joke... :-) All shots were made with the 50/1.4 ZE:

Effin' beautiful glass...

Tom (Achillies875 @ dA)

haha saw that porto-pottie photo on Rockwell's page and really questioned it for a while.
Laughed a lot.

can't believe he said it was about "Positive and Negative space"



i was going to suggest vimeo for posting video too but seems like someone already beat me to it :)

great shots man


enjoyed the post. :-)


I noticed the other day you can host videos at Photobucket, as well as photos. Then you can just link them to the blog, same as the pictures.

Arthur Mola

I love the guy bouncing his flash off the air! That's amazing!

These were nice photos, great as always to see! And commentary funny as hell, as always, to read.

I think it's pretty fitting that dog photography has a lot of shitty shooters. Kinda makes sense.


Lovely shots Chris! That 50/Zeiss is a killer!!! :)
The 5dm2 seems to be doing very well for you... especially with the Zeiss lens :)

Liam Strain

Nice Chris! Some great images - as per usual.

Good shout outs to Gilles and Trueblood too.

Hope it warms up for you. Bloody fucking cold here in Chicago, I actually snapped a roll of TriX when winding on.


Daniel Gomes

Hey Chris! :D
Merry Christmas! It's always great to see the world thru your eyes!
Love the dogs BUT the "no comment" one which is scary.
So, you've made typepad your new home once and for all?
squeaky-toy one is really funny... Wonder if Holly is even paying attention...

Who's behind Murphy's facebook updates? They're awesome! ;)


crap. like I need more lenses -- esp. around 85mm -- have the 85mm f/1.2L mk 2, 80 'lux-R, 90 elmarit-R, etc, etc, etc. But, your Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 shots have so much frikin character, I may need to sell some lenses and get it. damn. maybe the 50 f/1.4 too. problem is that they have so much focus shift I may just get the Nikon versions and use with and adaptor so that I can see what I'm doing when I stop down. Or maybe not -- I usually shoot wide open and can probably make use of the little green dot.

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