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20 November 2008


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Adam Kozlowski

Hahaha... yeah... i compared my 1Ds2 with a 5D and a Nikon D3. Ooops... If i believed those numbers i'd immediately sell my 1Ds2 and get the D3 ;)

But i agree - gear wanks are gonna love it.

Rich Mattingly

that's a pretty cool website. I've been disappointed in the low light performance of the 1d Mkiii we use - 5d whips it's ass, but we have the mkii on order...very excited to see what it does in some dark rooms.

Stewart Bywater

That's a really useful site (if you need to know that kind of thing). Thanks for sharing the link!!


Mark Greenmantle

Haven't seen that before but.... still damn happy with the D3! Hope you have a great weekend mate, I'm off to capture club shots tonight, 5 hours of ISO6000 @ f1.4 no flash, happy as a pig in mud! =)


Now you know why I switched to Nikon.

Have you gotten your 5D Mark II yet?

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