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18 November 2008


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Brian Webb



back to dealing with my Bessa LOL


How can I be bitter about losing when photos like that won.
A very pleasing end to a (what felt like) very long competition.


agree with you Chris on the "diversity" of the winning photograph. before I read the rest of the blog, I was looking at the photo and though: wow, so many different stories here!?...

i hope the winner enjoys his new toy :) and hope to see some photos from you :) it's about time

take care,


oh, the winner photo is really unimpressive to me.
And that is not to say my images were best, I have seen a lot of other good work. But the winner? Disappointing.

Looking forward for the next context though! I have my Leica, so I have my gear...


the winner deserved it. also for his portfolio in general. i was never quite sure if it's good to pick just one photo because a nice snapshot is done easily sometimes.

haha chris you should tell. it's the price for the third ;)

Stewart Bywater

Congratulations Erik on your win. I agree that it's a fantastic shot, and a well-deserved win! Hope we'll get to see some of the shots you take with that beautiful prize!!

Best wishes,



lovelovelove erik's photo. it really has everything--young and old people, even the meta photographing-other-photographers thing!

Tanczos Andras

I'd be lying if I said I'm not surprized, but indeed it is great photograph!

Congratz, Erik! ;)

I love love Christian's photo, maybe even more, just because I think not many people would have noticed detail like that, and capture it well.


What a great picture, truly a perfect moment where all the participants are captured at exactly the moment they should have been captured. One second later or sooner and all would be lost. There is a story within each person and on top of that a beautiful composition.

Congrats to Erik and to the 2nd and 3rd choices... truly great photos.

*takes out Electro35* I’ll have to hang on to this one a little longer :) ... not that I’m complaining... I know Christian used a Electro and he sure did a nice job with it.

Thank you Chris for the opportunity!
Hope you're doing great!

Robert Price

Congradulations to the winners, You all deserve it. And congrat to all who enterd too, it was a fun contest.

Philip "flipo"

Nice choice for the winning picture as well as for the other two.Been watching Markus Blog since months.

Rich Mattingly

Man - that's a great, great shot that of those photographs that "keeps on giving." Too often I know I'm overly focused on some central action or idea when I'm shooting and overlook the fine art of really seizing a complex, multi-layered moment. That photo is a great reminder to always look at the whole frame, not just how it frames a primary subject.

I recently switched from using bridge to lightroom 2.0 precisely because of what a good job it does tagging photos with copyright info - it can stick your copyright data into your photos as your import them from your cards, so no fear of EVER forgetting...and you also have an instant back-up!


Awesome, great shots :)

Markus Hartel

Erik contributed a well deserved winner. a stunning photograph with lots of action in the right places! thanks for the nod Chris.


many congrats to all the winners

great stuff :)

C Weeks

@brian: i think it was well-deserved as well, mate. "dealing" with a bessa? bessa's are great!

C Weeks

@dan: you should never be bitter. bitter is for people like theonlinephotographer and kenrockwell. ;) they're bitter because they have zero talent. ;)

it was long. there were a lot of people involved! :) not only that but uber ... well ... ya' know.

C Weeks

@gjorgi: that's what i thought when i saw the photo ... so many different levels and layers.

i'm sure the winner will make lots of good photos with his new toy. did you see his website????

yes, some photos from me soon!

C Weeks

@riccardo: it would only be impressive to you if they guy rode to the location in a wagon pulled by a mule and then used a large format camera. ;)

you're too old school, mate.

you have to open up your world and your eyes to different takes on street photography.

glad you have your gear. hope you're well old-boy.

C Weeks

@sev-the-austrian-bitch: i'm happy you think he deserved it ... was stoked when i saw his portfolio as well. he has some really nice moments in there!

the reason i didn't have people pick just one was the same thinking you mentioned.

i should tell, right?

okay ... christian ... sev thought your photo should have won! there's your prize. ;)

C Weeks

@stewart: i'm hoping we get to see some of the photos from his new toy as well, mate. i hear it shipped today! :)

C Weeks

@tina: a photograph like a fine wine ... layer-upon-layer! :)

thanks for the comment, love.

C Weeks

@tanczos: happy you like the selection, mate.

i liked christian's photograph as well. it's all about the details.

C Weeks

@rastislav: you can make a photo with almost any camera, mate. happy that you enjoyed the selections. it was fun selecting them for sure!

that's what i love about this photo ... one second ... one half second on either side of the exposure and ... it would not have existed.

very well done moment! for sure!

C Weeks

@robert: thanks for your comment, brother. glad you had fun with it. i know i did! :)

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