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13 October 2008


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Arthur Mola

Rest in peace. My girlfriend showed me this article! :(


It's easy to see why you fell in love with that photo. A personal loss for those who knew and loved him and a collective loss for those who loved his work.


Im sorry to say, i didnt know his work, but from what you say, he will be sorely missed by all of us who never had the pleasure of knowing him, and even more by those who did.

Im going to spend a while looking at his work.

Thorsten Overgaard

Great photo of him, also checked his website - there's some awsome shots.

Christian Rollinson

that hot dog stand shot is just a beautiful moment, and when the world is robbed of a person who can capture such beauty to share, it's very sad indeed.


peggy moffitt has a blog but it's by invite only
he seemed to be a genuine nice guy


beautiful beautiful beautiful photo.....I've never heard of william claxton before and I think that made it so much better to try to look at that picture objectively and it truly is a gorgeous photo. Well, he's somewhere else now, rolling around in a pit full of leica M's so I think he's doing alright ;D


RIP another great photographer

Mark Greenmantle

That is a lovely shot, I'm going to go and spend a while on his site (thanks Thorsten for posting the link). I've been wanting to do some street photography before and after my nightclub shooting on weekends and will certainly (finally) give it a go. It's very hard to be discrete shooting with the D3 so I think I'll start off just a short jump from the police beat for safety. The drunks in the area do rather like to punch on and I took shots for the police last weekend.

What do you do with your old Macbook when you upgrade? Do you recycle it or does it become an upgrade for B?

I'll be looking into laptop options in the next few months as well, required to fit into a business plan with a lot of work shooting on the road. I hope the new Macbook does come with an N Wireless connection instead of G.


Great story... but sad outcome. I'm glad you posted that shot he took, it kind of gives me a better idea of who he really was.


How sad. I knew his art, loved his photos of Chet Baker and McQueen.

I did not know that the movie "Jazz Seen" is about him (have the OST, by chance, because I like the guy who did the OST). Now I will watch it...


that photos is absolutely beautiful. a very sad thing...

Rich Spencer

His work was an inspiration to me at Uni.

I had the book "Jazz" by Mervyn Cooke when I was trying to learn more about the history of my favourite movement and the photos within it were great at firing my imagination. Some, of course, were classics by him, and it got me doing a lot of reading up about his work and life online.

Doing Jazz and Blues and also Folk gigs is heaven to me, because you can really focus on that intimacy and capture soul as you feel it being absorbed into you. Not to mention the fact that it gave some really hot results on my OM-1n. This is why Claxton became the focus of my personal dissertation (which I titled "Photography is Jazz for the Eye"), not because it got me doing the gigs - I already loved it - but because he made me realise that I was part of a long and rich tradition which should not be allowed to die out. Not that I compare in the slightest... Leica have never had anything to do with me ;)


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