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23 October 2008


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Wow. Great blog! I'm going to have to check it when I get home! Surprised to see a shot I took 11 years ago up there!

C Weeks

i was stoked when i got an email from christian telling me he saved this as a draft of a previous blog post on uber.

seriously, you will not find that shit on wanker's site. wanker doesn't even know this stuff.

you'd be better off knowing this information rather than knowing most "gear-related stuff" for sure.

happy this was posted!

Brian Webb

Very good article and definitely an interesting read. That being said, sometimes I feel that too much analysis of an artistic medium does more to constrain then to expand.


great article to explain the Golden Ratio, I only know the rule of thirds before reading this :D

Thanks Christian!!

Tabish Bhimani

Hey Chris! good to message you after so long. I was actually aware of the golden ratio, the phi, for the past 5 years now. that said, it's fascinating how you've composed your images in the ratio, without really realizing.

Oh and your fuck count? Ze-fucking-ro.


that's ace! i'll try some of my pictures, interesting post:) i'm happy that it haven't died with uber:) (poor uber, btw)

Thorsten Overgaard

Super. Love it. I'm not for people "figuring out" or "measuring" a photo, but I like it as a home study. When I do photo seminars, part of it is composition were basically all rules on composition and aesthetics goes. But the main think is to see the picture and frame it "it's there."

This is great homework and I've never seen it laid out so applicable. One could also go shoot for one composition, like one can go shoot, limiting one self to say a 50mm only.

Chris Livsey

Excellent summary. There's always a pedant though :-) You should never say never, well very rarely.
HCB did crop two shots that we know of. His, arguably, most famous "Behind Saint-Lazare Station" Place de l'Europe, Paris 1932. One print exists of the full frame and it is reproduced in " Scrapbook" Thames & Hudson 2006 Pg 87 . The other... do your own research :-)


good encapsulation
lot of writing on the golden triangle
good and bad

Stewart Bywater

Great post. I think I saw it on Uber too, but it's good to see it again. Very clearly explained and nicely written. Good job mate!!



Great article, I remember it from Uber, thanks for reposting it here!!!

P.S. as a side note... HCB did crop some of his photos... He was great, but not unerring ;)

Sonny Thakur

This is simply amazing. It takes a great eye to notice all the details in the photos and im not surprised it was through Christian's. Great entry, bookmarking and archiving. :)


good and informative writeup.

but linking to people on uber is pretty useless.


of course i know this... but i never think about it.. i shoot how i feel like.. but often it ends up in the golden ratio.

nice examples here.. and cool to see one of mine up there.. wouldn't have thought about this one in the golden ratio ;)



leave it to christian to write a post like this :D really interesting and cool post. i was surprised to open my rss feeder and see my shot at the top :D thanks!

Christian Rollinson

thank you very much everyone for the great comments, and michael, sorry about the links to uber, but i did the draft just before uber went tits up again! a lot of the people are on the facebook/friends of uber page so you can find them there.


very very nice and interesting post!! i just love it! I study physics at the university... and I see maths everywhere... I'm very happy to see it also here!! :)


i'm not sure i'll agree with maths then, some of these shots don't look aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, mostly in your golden triangle thing, it seems to be more random as a rule, one of these shots isn't even 1.5/1 ratio.
what about central compositions, that seem to have a lot of success ? do the greeks have any input on that ?

cheers anyway, that mustve been a lot of work writing all that.

Arthur Mola

i remember this post from uber- loved it then and it was nice to see it again!

interesting! :)

Mark Greenmantle

Rockin post with a great selection of captures shown that most of us already know and love. Funny how I'm often drawn to see golden ratio shots more than rule of thirds when I shoot.... though them turning out that way or not is another thing. Rules are there to be broken. =)


So wonderful to have this back here (it was impossible to find in Uber "shortly" after it was originally poster).


This is one of the best posts I ever saw on the net. There are some pictures I really love, and a good theory of why they work.

Kim Long Vo

I loved this post when I first read it. Wish the images still worked though. =[


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