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08 October 2008


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Great photos. That shot of the dog eagle spread jumping into the pool was hilarious.
Only thing is all your photos seem cropped. The page format crops the right off so your watermark just reads 'Chris'.
Dunno if it's just my screen though, I tried resizing the Firefox window but it didn't help.
Anyway. Great photos again.

Brian Webb

27 days 'till they tear out the bowling alley and put a basketball court in the white house.


Brian Webb

BTW, I love that 2nd to the last shot. Wide, in close, and in focus always works for me. LOL

Sam Oksner

Ah, good to see you posting again, damn dogs are amazing, I've only tried the 300mm once on a friends 5D, but it's amazing lens... I think i heard somewhere that it's very good as a short portrait lens.
That is one sick shutter drag... is that 1/8th of a second with low power flash? Absolutely superb technique, whatever it is.

Oh, i though uber was extended for another month and that we were all supposed to go back and post like hell so they could get more funding (prove to whoever that it's worth supporting).

Looks like our 72 year old "Maverick" and all his "friends" are gonna loose this one. C'est pas trop tôt! (It's not too early) ... Although it definitively is too late.

Shane Leonard

Holy crap, brother... I would never have thought so much great shit could have been caught at an event like that. I mean, I know you gotta keep your mind (and lens) open, but still... those later pics of the dogs look like they're just defying gravity and flying all over the place. Between the vicious teeth in that one shot, the kept-gaze in the other, and the insane height in a previous shot... it makes me wanna check out one of these shows.

I think my favorite was the first dog-jumping-to-the-water shot. Insane, man. Loved them all!


it's a dogs life we seem to spend so much time structuring
everything to work perfect we got two guys wanting to
knock the white house into touch..
thanks for what seems to be your whole world in
a nutshell
the focus in the pictures really great

carlos Larios

Nice Pix as always!! Talk to you soon!


oh, you surely had a doggy day... :)


i'll check in on uber every once in a while -- like i do/did with dA -- but ... active? dunno.

Hey, you were the reason to join for me... would not have tried it otherwise.

But I see, maintaining several photoblogs is a pain.

Great pictures, as always.


I agree about the 300/2.8.. borrowed one and handheld..

actually sold my stick.. dont neven need it at fashion week.. hurts my arms.

great dog show, some AMAZING shots... love the low ones during the race


I don't mind someone using a stick with a 300mm, its the guy using a stick with a 70-200mm or even a 24-85mm. Every football game you see one.

Don't know which pic I liked more, a different style of photos from what I am used to seeing from you.

Cassie Jones

300 is fun, but a heavy bastard indeed.. after a day of lugging it around.. ugh. I'm glad when I was doing weddings, I had the luxury of mostly shooting prime, being second shooter.

Fast-fast-fast though for sure! Awesome shots! Love the dogs jumping hurdles in muzzles.. dunno what kind of dogs they are.. but love #2 dog in focus and #1 out.. good stuff!

Like the shutter "drag" pumping the zoom during the shot, hehehe, right on!

Haven't "felt" Uber lately too much either.. dunno why. Wish it were the same.. too bad this kinda sucks for photo posting.

Cheers, love! -Cassie

Daniel Gomes

Uh... Flying dogs... Awesome!! :D
Typepad gotta fix this photo-cropping-page CSS.
Love the shots, and the dogs too.

Thank god you didn't spend your time reading all that bitching on uber - you don't deserve it. Also, if they aren't bitching here, it's coz they aren't reading anything either... ;)

Is that cake edible?
Hope you are well! :D


Aaaaamazing pictures of the dogs! Really enjoyed the lab’s face as he’s about to do a bomb :) I can see you’re a dog lover by these shots... some fantastic moments like the eye contact in mid air and the altitude some of these dogs got!

Hope you’re doing great!

C Weeks

@ratislav: thanks, mate. and, yes, i'm a dog person as opposed to a cat person. ;) glad you liked the photos!

C Weeks

@daniel: i'm just gonna make the photos smaller. typepad is alright but not great.

most of the people bitching, i'm told, weren't really "contenders" as it were. ;)

the cake is indeed edible yet i've never seen anyone eat any cake. :(

C Weeks

@cassie: yep ... this place kinda sucks for photo posting but i think i have the hang of it ... just have to downsize the photos. all good, though.

you lugged the 300? and you handheld it??? damn.

C Weeks

@zoeller: the dude with the stick on the 70-200 is indeed the funniest site. and as you pointed out ... the mid-range zoom guy with a stick is even more laughable.

different style, eh? hmm...

C Weeks

@scott: i haven't sold the stick; it was very expensive but is definitely collecting dust.

i never used a stick during fashion week but i'm not the runway guy for every show. i only did the good ones. ;)

glad ya' liked the dogs!

C Weeks

@zabong: i know. i wish uber would have kept on "the intended track" without getting the carpet pulled from under.

it's just when i knew it was gonna end i had to make a move. i don't have the time to maintain multiple sites with responses or content.

hope the best for the outcome of uber, though.

C Weeks

@riccardo: yes, in fact, i did. :)

C Weeks

@carlos-the-designer: thanks, man! hope we get to have lunch or dinner in vegas soon. or l.a.

C Weeks

@peter: thanks, mate!

C Weeks

@shane: thanks, man. i think when you enjoy shooting a certain subject matter you may see more moments than if you didn't like or love what you're shooting.

i love dogs.

C Weeks

@sam: glad you got to shoot the 300! amazing piece of glass.

yeah, you could use it for portraits but ... honestly ... the 200 is more than adequate even though i'm more inclined to use the 85/1.2 with the canon platform or the 75/2.0 asph apo with leica.

honestly, i have no idea what that whole thing about uber was. i did what i could and well .. i've moved on.

the flash, yes, i dial the flash down -1. i've done it for a while and know what conditions whichever technique i use work best.

yes, the mccainiacs are apparently losing. :) very nice indeed.

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