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29 October 2008


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Ken Z.

Too bad about UBER...was a great place...DA w\o the cheesy anmie "art"
and grade-school attitudes.Miss your blogs and artwork.
Let me know of you post anywhere else...wonderful photos and a "down-under" attitude were refreshing/annoying/uplifting(sometimes all at the same time;-))in a world of wanna-be's and wankers most extraordinary.

Send our love to C,J,M and all.
Ken and Margaret Z.
(formerly of Uber)


I tried Fotoblur, it is actually quite nice. The focus is on voting for pictures and commenting. There is an upload limit (1 pic per day), and no blog, so no real replacement for Uber (yet).

The upload limit has the nice effect that you can actually still overview the whole site (there are still less than 2000 pictures!). The owner does this all by himself. A shoestring operation has a lot of potential...

The traffic and member count is still low, but if some of the Uber heavyweights would join, I think this could become the place we were looking for - if he adds a blog.

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