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22 October 2008


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Mark Greenmantle

Sounds like a fucking full on week mate! I'm finally full time employed as a fashion photographer so currently doing studio work through the week, then hitting the clubs and gigs through the weekend. I'm really hanging out to replace this old pc with something a LOT faster so the hours and hours of editing through the weekend is less waiting for task bars and more getting shit done.

If you get a chance, take a look at my DA blog regarding what one of our Federal ministers considers good internet management. I'm sure his brain has been washed by a right wing fanatic.

Any news on your Macbook Pro order? I'm curious as to what specs you set up with.

cheers from a cool and breezy Brissy. =)


thanks for that chris, nice story. are you using any diffuser on your flash? like a stofen or a softbox, or is it just direct? i'm intending to build a small but sturdy beauty dish for my 580ex2. think that's a good idea?

i personally dislike both cats and dogs, any pets, actually, but i know that people need them, especially people that are alone and can't do anything about it (the elderly, the visually impaired etc.) - anyway, any dog will look great in thru an 85/1.2 ;)


Hi Chris,

Pity about Uber, I really count on that they are done for now for real. (Is this even an English sentence? Seems to be too many prepositions in there. Shoot me, I'm Germam).

Anyway, your dog is a terrific poser. The last shot has a distinctive "Yeah baby, take my shot" feel to it. Probably comes with the job, i.e., being a photographer's dog.

Hope you are fine, send over some of the heat, plz.


Darren Abate

Great set as always, bro. The shot of the two dogs meeting is fucking hilarious... and perfectly timed!

Stewart Bywater

Amazing blog Chris! I'm at work, so it has to be quick. Good to see that your friend is ok, and to see the Cobrasnake being 'papped' (haha) for once!!

Has someone finally persuaded you to use flash in low light? :)

Love the shot of M meeting the other dog!

And finally, I think you should have soft porn ads on your blog!!

If Uber comes back to life, I'll do a post this weekend!

Take care,


Shane Leonard


Great seeing posts like this once again. So many things in here to check out, as usual, but it's great that dj a.m. is up and about and seemingly on the right road for recovering, too. I know what it's like to be able to get more time with someone who should be all out of their own -- it's truly humbling, and like you said; it causes you to look at things differently for a bit.

I think I was looking forward to even seeing some wrestling shots, being as surprised as I was that you had that on your docket for a Monday night. But that one of M meeting the other pup, and that look on its face -- holy shit, man! I almost fucking ruined my keyboard with breakfast, I was laughing so hard.


Brian Webb

So what happened to Uber this time? It failed the "one month test"? BTW, you're becoming quite the skilled pet photographer...maybe you can offer your services as "lifestyle portrait pet photographer" LOL


they changed the uber page to a blank one for which the source code gives no information... however, with some digging, you can unearth some details. a white page can't disguise much. :-)

facebook is nice from the blackberry. for me, it is a tad silly with all its bells and whistles? it's such a busy space.

Sonny Thakur

Glad to see that DJ*Lightning*AM is doing so well after what he's been through. Man, I wish I had your job. I enjoy mine so much, but would love to try working in different parts of the world.

I wonder if we can have DJ AM flown over to the Philippines (like with did with Steve Aoki and Mark) to spin at the new club opening up here. (by the way, did Mark give you the tiny calling-card/print I had him deliver to you? he was in his boxers that night and God knows where he stuffed it in...)


Man... the photo where M meets don't-know-who speaks in so many levels...

M intimidating others... just like his owner. Hahahaha.

Hope all is well; cheers from Northern Mexico!

Pascal Grob

How was Aoki's set? He's in Zurich tonight playing a set I think...
I love Ronson, must have been great. Have you met Justice yet?


Glad to see AM is doing great! Nice dragging shots :) But I really really enjoyed the last few dogs and trainer ones...That last one is super! Hope you’re doing well!

Take care!


Aaaaah.... hate facebook.... ick. I am beginning to hate Uber for making me use facebook....

this typepad thing seems sucky too.... maybe I'm spoiled.

whatev. how lame.

Hope you're well, Chris. Jamie too. and Little M.


Oh man! its great to see AM back and smiling! killer shots, i still looooove your dragging.

Shot with M and that frightened dog is great.

Christian Rollinson

our own politics is following the american ethic of badmouthing the opposition rather than reinforcing ones own positive policies. i'm always amazed how u.s commercials are allowed to be negative about opposing products too, in the uk you're not allowed to name your rivals, just refer to them as 'other leading brands'. yes, mixmaster mike is outstanding, been a fan since his work with the beastie boys, it's like watching someone play an instrument watching his fingers move! i was gutted mark ronson didn't get the bond theme gig, apparently due to amy winehouse not being able to get her shit together. fucking love the dog trainer shot where he's kissing the dog. does he know a squirrel's climbed into his back pocket ;)

Clayton Hauck

AM show looked like it was a lot of fun! Wish I was there to shoot it as well :)

.. I haven't been out to LA in too long. I'll run into you one of these days tho I bet.



read earlier today glad to see a certain guys on his feet :)

I agree with the guy

on the 12-24

broke a pair glasses today foolin about sad really
have a good weekend..

Thorsten Overgaard

Your favorite is mine too. It's a great shot and confirms that a great shot is not necessarily one that is in focus.

Dogs. I try to avoid them. You're making them appear cuter than in real life. So I try not to look.

Now, we all know how "trying not to look" works...

Great job, man

Daniel Gomes

Ouch, uber... :(
You and your lovely photos!
Didn't know about the robo-calls - disgusting. Did you see Palins clothes? - funny.

I wonder how Joe the Plumber is feeling now.

Everybody is talking about "m meets ... um ... don't remember." photo but, really - it's awesome.
And the beautiful "trainer love dog" one remembered me of Obelix ->

Very well documented events by the way - your photos speak for themselves. Not that I don't love your writing... ;)

Read some stuff on deviantart about dd's and people getting mad... I think i've seen it before...

Are you still checking it out from time to time?


aww m's going to school now...he's growing up fast!

Cassie Jones

Haven't commented lately - sorry :(

One sweet looking show!

One sweet looking Chi, too ;)

Danny Masterson is some good, underused talent.

Still sick, still iTuning it up.. haven't posted in ages, myself.

Hope you're ejoying the heat.. whilst I endure the 40-something, windy & raining Midwest ;)

Arthur Mola

looks like it was a fun night man - i like the dog trainer photos too!

AM looks amazing considering what he's been though!

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