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18 October 2008


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Brian Webb

Lot's of Mason's around time you head down Hollywood Blvd. check out the inscription on the side of the El Capitan. I always wondered if that was part of the original or added during the Disney renovation. I love that cat in the first photo...he looks like Mr. Puddles(?) from "Cats & Dogs".

I can't believe you were eating wieners with that much pussy around. (yeah, yeah, I know...)


How's the G10? I have a G9 and i love it.

Christian Rollinson

i'd like to see the cat stretch woman try that with my cat, i once tried to get a collar on mine. ended up looking like i'd run through barbed wire. my mum has two cats that are slowly ticking off the local wildlife in their cat capture book, they seem to think the small birds are like shooting fish in a barrel, so they've gone exotic and have started capturing wading birds off the beach, things with six inch fucking beaks. they've also captured a mole and a bat! a fucking bat!


so. Casts. Masons.

But why teach somebody to make color-bw conversions? I use b&w film :)

yes, I'm a damn film snob. sorry.

Robert Price

Looks like you had a fun time. The new G10 is quite the nice ps. I was thinking of getting one for my son to use, i think he woud like it alot, and it would hold up a little better than my other Canon ps is under the abuses of a child. I cant believe you mad a page for the the pup, ha ha ha.... that is awesome. Hope you and the family are all well.



Hi Chris,
Are you becoming a pet photographer? ;) just kidding..
Funny thing, I was at a cat show today to do some shooting too..




Funny and witty title Chris. The cat photos are fucking adorable man.

Arthur Mola

haha hilarious! i thought you were getting hired by these dog/cat shows!!

nice photos!


You did have fun... at a cat show... "Chris Weeks has fun at a cat show"... tried the sentence several times, still feels awkward to say it loudly... strange and bizarr things are.

have a nice week. cu,



I never thought I would see a cat entry from you... but I have to say I enjoyed it. Especially the cat lady and the long stretched cat that looks like a Lynx. Pixie Bobs?? What the? :)

Hope you’re doing well
Take care!

John Williams - KrasH

That deer hunting cat looks almost as big as my 30lb (not fat) cat Delay, we have to buy small to medium dog items if we want anything to fit him......and yes the name Delay truly fits him.

Masons see that as the Pentalpha - five A's intertwined. Very odd lot though, I won't even get into that bit.

Thanks for the shots and better still the comments that come along with them.

Sonny Thakur

This entry saved me from a boring 45 minute lecture on micro hydro power plants in rural fishing communities. I enjoyed the photos and the commentary, who knew such shows could be so interesting? :P I'm a dog person myself, but kittens are cute sometimes. Growing up a chubby boy, I've always wanted a fat cat to sit by my side while I munch on cheetos.

Cheers from Toasty Manila ;)

P.S. What did you have to go through in college? Im curious?

P.P.S I noticed there is more than one contributor here... How do I sign up? or who do I have to sleep with?

Dimitri Roleda

The cat in the 11th photo, the one you said was "vocal", is a Russian Blue.

I like that breed a lot as I like the silver-gray coat, and because it is undemanding, affectionate & intelligent.

And if you look closely you'll notice that it's "smiling"..You can see that in the 26th photo..Kinda creepy, but I like it :D

Ken Z.

A cat show???
Bet you didn't tell M or C about it.....
As for Masons,most of the founding fathers of the US were members.
As were some of the people on the other side.
My Father was one...we had a few discussions on my possibly joining.
When WTTW public TV ran a documentary that showed "everything" about the Masons,my Dad snorted "they didn't show the half of it!".....
Gave me food for thought.
Shriners are the "moneyed" side of the Masons....Not something that lends the group much credence/moral weight as far as I can see.
Good profitable shooting gigs to you Mate!
Give our best to J,C,M and all...
Ken and Margaret Z.

Derek Teixeira

Very cool shots! Looks like you had a great time.

How is the G10 from your perspective?

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