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09 October 2008


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Matt R

Hard to remember to name things when your 'real' copy is in a binder somewhere. ;)

C Weeks

@matt: 'tis true but i even apply it to neg-scans!

Mark Greenmantle

Glad to say a chat we had back in ... '05 taught me about better file naming. Used your system since then.

I could start ranting about the idiocy of Wank's "test" but... no sense preaching to the converted eh. hehe

Imagine though him being pushed into a real work situation having to shoot a fast moving event in low light, where flash isn't allowed. *laughs*

I spent the last two nights showing one of my fav Swedish singers how to shoot without flash in nightclubs for kicks. I think he now wants to buy a D3 when he goes back to his band HQ in Germany. hehe

Brian Webb

Ministry's intro'd to them in college, 'bout the same time that the Smashing Pumpkin's first major album (Gish) came out. I like KMFDM a little better, though...just more accessible. But yeah, nothing says the LA riots like Ministry. LOL

Shit, 2 judges have selected their fav entries already. Now I'm getting nervous.

I think I just used my initials plus the title of the pic (like photos are supposed to have titles, right?) for the filenames. On my PC they're named by a keyword (usually the event or place name), an underscore, and the date. But then it's not really critical for me since I just shoot for fun and the occasional contest that I don't win. LOL

Have a good weekend. :)


I agree with you everytime you talk about Wank.. I dont understand either how someone can write without pictures..

Altho, i got blasted for doing a review of my sigma 18-50, because I posted (my) pictures with it.. Seriously.

Usually my RAW files stay file named (SAA-9999)

Thank you for the link to that photographers blog, the Maher video she posted made me laugh.


Nice use of flash... both on her website and photos!

I still hate typepad but i learned how to use the rss thing...

And I'm shooting birds lately! Nothing better than quiet nature!

I do shoot models also but who cares?

Noone cares in lazy South italy!


Robert Price

Now that is a great Idea on file nameing, thank you I am going to start useing that system. Well for my personal work at least.

So 25MB of data is alot now? Ha ha ha!


When I looking at the submissions page, I found it kinda weird no one else had renamed their photos. I figured putting the photo's name along with mine would make sorting easier. Plus, I also read in a photo mag that it helps publishers remember your name when your submitting to them for the first time.


"hope the markets are fucking you too much."
One of the best typos(?) I've seen in a long time.

And being a Brit who's just started university, I was looking for a bank with a decent interest rate to put my student loan in.
I was this close to putting it in an Icelandic bank.
Partly because they had the best interest rates.
But also because, hell it's Iceland.
Geyser me up, baby.


There really ARE a lot of people who have no idea of what street photography is. I sorted through ALL the images 3 times (at least), which increased my awareness of just how prevalent this lack of understanding of the genre really is.


So I see wank hasn’t slowed down... poor wank... no pictures to back his illusions of grandeur :)

Hope M gets better. Hope you’re doing well and not too tired.

Have a great weekend!

christian rollinson

i am guilty of posting a non street photo myself, purely due to being under the influence of alcohol. i liken the feeling of rising in the morning and realising the faux pas of posting a non street photo (when you know the judges hate that)to waking in the morning to the sight of a lady encountered in a drunken haze in a very dark nightclub. niether yeilds acceptable results ;)


think it's high time you break out again your "street photography guide".

you had it available in dA for a while, got it from there. maybe point a url to it?

some folks might not have had the benefit of following you all the way since way back then and it'd help them grok what street is about?

hmmm, I wonder if the Florida retired morons who helped vote-in the current admin are already doing it hard in their pensions?

it certainly f****d-up mine, gonna have to work another 10 years or so to get this one evened out...

Rich Spencer

You prompted me to write an essay Chris, how dare you!:


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