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10 October 2008


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Sad that Jefferson was so right huh? Nobody cared enough to stop it, now its unstopable.

Thorsten Overgaard

Interesting to see you blog about Bilderberger and Rotschild in relation to current 'government.' It's pretty obvious - it really is - from the job description of a (world) leader, and then listening to what comes out the mouth of George W Bush, what's is going on. The opposite of leadership and judgment.

Don't get me started, but it was about Denmark Shakespeare said "there is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark" but looking at the last 50-60 years of American history, US fit as hand in glove. McCarthey, JFK, Martin Luther, RFK was just the noisy beginning. Recent events such as the election eight years ago, 9/11, the War on Iraq, the financial crisis are the subtle way of accomplishing other goals than democratic ones. Because bankers does it better ;-)

Rotschild, by the way, build their wealth and power by financing wars back in 1600 (The vineyard came after that)

But one don't have to think a lot about it. It's very simple if one listen to George W Bush when he time after time says, "it's dangerous times," "the world is a dangerous place," "we're all in danger [all the time]" etc. and is installing the exact fear and hopelessness that is needed to bring about "solutions to financial crisis," "Bush doctrine" preventive first strikes, etc. etc.

I've been having a yellow note to do a blog called "The war on America" which will be about what is happening; the destruction of america and civilization. And it's dome from the inside.

I mentioned somewhere some weeks ago that USA needs a revolution and to cop off some heads. Ha ha, and somebody replied that hopefully I didn't mean to encourage any to such [violent] radical actions.

Oh, really?

We do need change. JFK was for UN, human rights, diplomacy (and not war), setting a good example. I hope the change Obama promises will be back towards that direction. Few realize that if JFK hadn't handled the Cuban Missile Crisis as he did, with diplomacy, personal integrety, judgment and leadership, the world would have ended in April 1961.

Let's vote for leaders who work for all the people - and preferably all the people of the Earth, not just "our" people or "my" people.

Tom Walsh

7 52" LCDs? why?

I think it's kinda funny the kind of ads I see on sites like Drudge Report. Although this whole mortgage crisis is just gettign worse, there are ads that say you can get a cheap monthly payment on a huge mortgage.

At least the market is showing some small signs of life, after it was beaten to a pulp today.

Daniel Gomes

Hilarious that fox girl talking as if it was the end of the world - not very unbiased. The other girl, Andrea, don't zoom in on her, it ain't pretty, lol

This is getting ridiculous...

So, Thomas Jefferson said that in 1802 and we're still trying to figure it out? * Hugs a spaniel *

Did I read LAB somewhere? :D

Brian Webb

On the subject of McCain/Palin, I caught a brief on CNN's ticker showing once again how much of a brainless Barbie puppet Palin is:

More good news for Tina Fey and SNL :D

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