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17 October 2008


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This is one of my favorite series I have seen, from a great photographer, and friend.

I said it before.. again.. Awesome series arthur!


I'd cut the remains of the old house, it's just not as visual strong as all the others. I specially liked the fist one and the cig atmosphere photo.


I think if I had to cut one, it would be one of the shots with the sun behind a worker's head. I think it's a cool idea, but you have the sun behind or near the subject in a lot of them. I would get rid of the one that comes right after the shot of what's left of the old house. The guy is smack in the middle of the frame, which admittedly works for most of the others you composed that way, but I think it dulls this one, and makes it a little less necessary.

The series is pretty cool though. I think my favorite is the one of the guy smoking, especially when it's among all these other images of working. I hope I was helpful.. ;)


I'd only lose the second one: doesn't really tell me anything extra. A building permit, so what?
Or maybe the remains of the old house?

Anyways, that's just me...


Beautiful shots man! I really like the first and third ones... Definite keepers! If you had to loose one I would go for the permit one, or the guy looking into camera. But I’m glad you posted these, nice work!


first and third photos are just lovely! i'm always attracted to construction workers and the angles of the sites, ladders, etc. makes for some geometrically pleasing shots. you did a great job! i'd probably cut the eleventh frame, since you have two of the "teamwork" shots, and i think the other is stronger. :)

Christian Rollinson

superb shots arthur mate :D just love the shot of the fella up the ladder, he's got some balance swinging that up there, trust me, i've done it ;) i would lose shot eight personally, all the others either pull you into the frame or have a point of focus if you know what i mean ;)


These are very nice, i would cut the permit picture and the pipe and toilet picture, they don't fit in well. I know you need 15 shots, so maybe if you find another worker shot.... If not, i would drop the pipe and toilet shot and keep the permit and present the permit as the first photo of the series. I'm not sure how it works at your school, if you get up and present them, or if you post on on a wall for critique or if you just turn them in, but either way, you should establish an order in which they are to be see.

Again, very nice shots!


great series man

always good to see work from you (on or off uber) :)

to answer your question, i'd lose the second shot. i think we can tell with the other 15 shots that these guys are building a legal house ;)

let us know what your classmates think when you show the series

(oh, and my favs are #4, 6, and 7) :)

C Weeks

i think it's rad that you saw some kind of visual subject matter that you needed to photograph.

those guys should be stoked!

thanks for posting it here, mate! :)


i always thought building sites were perfect subjects to photograph -men at work and everchanging places- but you made a really great series! very nice light!

ps: if i had to choose, i'd cut the remain of the old house, too.


lovely series, I esp. love the first and the one of the guy smoking.
I think what you did here, the way you just spent some time with these people and got to know them is awesome.
If I had to cut one, though, it'd be the one of the guy smiling at the camera.


reminds me of our house being built the very same way - which is not all that common in germany.

Thorsten Overgaard

Wow, great series. I love people who shoot against the light!

Having recently shot a huge construction site I know how tricky it is to tell what's going on. It can easily be dull, but you got lots of life and construction here. Thanks for posting here.

Arthur Mola

@scott: thanks man, i appreciate it! both times! :)

Arthur Mola

@rodolfo: thanks for the suggestions. i've been thinking about it ... and i think i will cut that one.

Arthur Mola

@dp: the sun behind most of my subjects was intentional. that's one of the reoccurring elements that tie the series together. thanks for the suggestions, i think i will cut the remains of the old house!

@noons: on the same page as you - i'm loosing both! thanks! :)

@rastislav: thanks! i'm gunna cut the permit one and the remains of the original house! cheers!

@meredith: thanks for the comment! i'm glad you like the series! :) you're totally right about construction photos being great geometrically. so many shapes to play with!

@christian: thanks! i believe you, i'm fucking terrified of heights ... brave guy on the ladder!

@sam: thanks very much! those are the two i'm cutting for sure! ;) and for this project, it's a formal critique so we have to sequence them, matte them, have a name tag and artist statement and then present them to the class and accept critiques.

@pat: thanks for the comment man! always nice to hear from you! i'm loosing the permit one! thanks for the suggestion and i'm very happy you enjoyed the photos! :)

@chris: thanks bro - i'm glad to be posting here. i'm about to email them the scans! :)

@jiwaki: thanks! construction sites are fun to shoot - i had fun with this one! i'm cutting the old house remains! the tribe has spoken. ;)

@tina: thanks! it was cool chilling with them at work for a bit and make some photos. glad you like the series! :)

@michael: how are houses built in germany?

@thorsten: thanks very much bro! i appreciate it! i love shooting against the light! :) really glad you like it.

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