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24 September 2008


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Jay Gannon

Well ties in well with my own plans to start a blog of sorts again.
Unfortunate about the other place, these things happen in the world we're in.
Looking forward to your insights.

Any plans on a personal blog a-la-the replillian place?

Peace from chilly Ireland


So it begins. I wonder which flavor this one is going to be.

Shane Leonard

Maaaan.... I'm gonna post on the other place too, but I wanted to come check this out as well.

Hard times, indeed. And, though I know things change, I hope that there's still hope for the amazing people over on the former site. But -- and it's selfish of me, I know -- I'm happy that you're still up for keeping up with us, and for giving us another place to keep up with you, Chris. J's right... keep on writing.

What a shitty month all around, bro... sorry about everything.



...oy, suck - back when I was "the man" i had to tell 35 people the same thing - while our CFO scheduled board meetings in vegas...

...suck suck suck...

...i'll letcha know where i land...

carlos Larios


Terry Zumalt

sucks man, I thought you had found your home. As long as you keep blogging I think I can continue living...ok maybe its not THAT critical to my survival but I really do enjoy our stuff. Please keep it up.


nice one chris, great that we have a constant in all this mess, it was nice while it lasted ;)

the nerd

uber closing sure sucks lots. anyhow, I'll keep an eye here, and make sure to post stuff in the same frequency.

cheers mate.

C Weeks

thank you all for the comments! we'll get this thing going and looking prettier than the default-look it has right now!

John Bauman

Chin up, there's always something around the next corner. Besides, as pretty and easy to use as Uber is/was... I only lurked around to read your blog, as I will continue to do so as long as you keep us posted. It's all about the content! Good luck on your new endeavor and best wishes to the rest of the crew.

Sonny Thakur

Very sad new, I recently just started using Uber, and blogging for that matter. I guess I'll start looking for a new place to host my blogs and my gallery.


Mark Taylor

I feel like I'm with a band of travellers! Wherever we lay our hat... and all that.
It really sucks that about everyone losing their jobs, and the little community getting trashed. So it goes.


Hey Chris, this place is looking dull, hope You can put some life to it. Can't wait.

Jennifer Wheaton (Foozma73)

Heya, Chris! Please, please PLEASE, let me know if you find a new great spot.

I enjoyed Uber very much.


Hey Chris! Sad about Uber... actually sucks!!! Hope we can all find a platform or that at least we can share blogs and photos!

Take care!


Thanks for setting this blog up chris. Will help to keep in touch!


i'm very curious about this new beginning and hopefully this time i'll catch the chance to be more active.
see you soon!


so this is the new blog... nice!! i'm really sad about the other site but, anyway, the show must go on...
cheers pal!

John Williams - KrasH

Cheers Chris!


good luck wrangling with typepad. RIP uber..

I haven't seen anything you've done (and admitted to) that sucked so I'm sure things will be better than ever before long here. :)

I kind of hope the uber people will release their software so someone can run with it. Maybe some executive from freddie mac or fannie mae could become a white knight with their bonus or golden parachutes..

ralph lauren

cheers TO los angeles :)

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