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27 September 2008


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The quality looks pretty good, but honestly you can get a small handheld HD video camera for $700 now..

I think that part of the new 5d is just going to get a few photographers in shit at concerts. ;)

Aparently leaves are really movie-genic.. if that is even a word.. Id have liked to see how it zooms during filming, but LL-wank isnt that 'artistic' ;)


hey, chris. it's a damned shame about uber, really. there isn't another site on the internet like it. i kind of feel like a lost puppy without it.

hope your shoots go well! good to see that you're keeping up with the blogging. i'll look forward to more. :) i was able to move my blog over to wordpress (, which is definitely not as cool as uber... oh well. hopefully it can come back someday. :) enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Christian Rollinson

fear the trimmed beard, fucking hell, there's a few minutes i won't get back! i think we got the focus capability in the first fucking shot. he has has a major hard on for packing. i wonder if he got his shit packed?

just spent a couple of days messing with the website tools a as an alternative to host my shit instead of uber. it's free, easy to use, very pretty and in beta stage so a lot of the features like blogs/forums etc aren't implemented yet, and some stuff doesn't work, but it's a start. check out what i've done at

the slideshow option on the gallery page is fucking awesome, i'm very impressed. if anyone reading this wants adding to the friends/photographers page just send me your link (my emails on the site)

it would be a shame for the uber group to just fizzle out so i think we need some sort of big list of contacts. i put a link to a forum page too for such a purpose ;)


The link to Vincent Laforet video is borked. That said...the video laforet made was pretty good. The theluminouslandscape was...what do i even say to that...focus on a damn leaf and leave it.

My biggest issue is people are going ga-ga over the video capability of the new 5d, but fail to realize that its not just the camera that shoot videos like the one Laforet made. But you need a whole damn team of professionals. So 99% of all videos made will be the crap we seen on the theluminouslandscape.

Stewart Bywater

I can't wait to get my hands on one! It'll be really cool to use my L lenses with video.

Hey Chris, how long do you spend looking at these websites? - I bet that in some cases you're actually their number one visitor! ;-)



It's funny .. when canon announced the 5d mkII everyone was complaining about the video feature ...

now everyone is selling gear to buy the mkII .. a pity that the "pro" websites don't manage to do something useful with an awesome cam .. they should have set up some fancy charts ...

you now what I mean ;)

Sonny Thakur

Haha, Ken Rockwell, The OnlinePhotog, and the Nursing home known as The Luminous Landscape... I don't really have much to say because you took the words straight out of my mouth. It's insane how big a following these seniors have. But who knows mate? Maybe when we grow older we too might have weird lawn furniture fixations...

I don't know where my mind is right now so don't call the grammar/spelling/logic police on me... I had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 48. Photographed a victory party for a college basketball team and then a crazy night at a club... (

Darren Abate

Wow, what a complete and utter snoozefest. Halfway through it I felt like I had taken a doze of Vicadin. WTF is it with Canon giving testers to these people? I guess if you have the page hits, you can get what you want.

Michael Carty

hey chris,
you know i always liked this sage-like advice better:

"give a man fire, and he'll stay warm for a day
set a man on fire, and he'll stay warm the rest of his life"

it's funny and clever, yet there is a ring of truth in there, lol, later buddy

Robert Price

I hope you had a great time at the wedding. And to answer you question yes, yes and yes. There is a huge market for people who can not shoot worth a shit. Just look at myspace, and you will see that the majority of people can't take a mediocore photo to save their lives. It is how they sell cameras that people just throw in their pocket, purse, what have you.

These people just pull them out and upload their shitty photos to the web and forget about them. The real problem thought is their friend and family who praise their crappy photos and encourage them to do more with it. Then the go online and find wanker whats his fuck and believe all they say about what they review and it snow balls from there.

I dont know how many times I get asked buy people "Hey do you know how to use this camera." I tell them to RTFM for christ sakes.

Oh shit I see Thorsten is off the wagon again huh. I have some cash if he wants to pawn the cameras ;).

Hope you and the family are well.


my only thoughts are how can someone make that, look at it before publishing and decide that it is actually good enough to release to the public. It reminded me of when I was reviewing portfolios for college applicants, actually some of the portfolios were a lot better then this and they were from 17 year olds with highschool photography

I cant wait to get a 5d, ill make a video of me on the shitter and give a nice long intro speech about consistency and if there was any corn in it

Dzu Nguyen

haha wanks are all the same everywhere man! I mean its an obvious trend since these fellas are definitely reaching out to the old, rich, super amateur photographers out there...and weirdly enough its working. Oh well.

And that whole nikon d90 and 5d mark II video capability crap is ridiculous...its pointless and i get the feeling that people who shoot professional won't find that too useful....


I hate great gear wasted on people like that. I mean seriously, what the hell was he focusing on? He’s a got a thing fro branches I think.

I’d like to try the Mark 2 and finally make my jump into the digital world... but always keeping a door open for film :)

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