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29 September 2008


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Jay Gannon

Nice to see you here Thorsten and a lovely story to start off with!

Darren Abate


In our country, if you try to approach the White House garden without permission, you just get shot. It's just as well; the apples there are poisonous.


When queens are less unreachable than you think... :) nice story and nice picture.

Andriete le Secq

homeless Uber-friends... amazing! I will keep this. Kisses


Nice story... kind of uplifting, then again I feel homeless today :) Hope you’re doing great!


We sure will miss our home...

And what Darren said. :-)

Tom Walsh

Well said Darren Abate! Great contrast.

Sam Oksner

Thanks Thorsten, very cute story. I'm suprised anyone can go mess with the queen's garden, but then again, it's Denmark so... We'd get shot from a mile away if we did the same thing in this country (USA). I'm glad to see that several people are going to be participating on the blog entries, that's gonna rock!

C Weeks

yep ... our king george isn't as nice as the monarchy of denmark.

love the photo, thorsten!

and, yes, i miss our home ... it makes me sad.


we're homeless Uber Children, as someone said:) great to know that we can find here so many friends, and way better that the community is growing somehow!!

Christian Rollinson

what a lovely story :)

Brian Webb

Cute story and photo. I love that protective hand at the bottom of the frame. My next one is going to be how my wife forced me to walk to Starbucks for coffee in the middle of typhoon Jangmi this past Sunday.

Well, didn't really "force" me...she knew I wanted to go out ant take pictures.

Typhoons are fun.


wow, thorsten... that photo is excellent! what a nice portrayal of childhood innocence. love it.

missing uber so much already...


Thorsten, that is a fantastic story!
I love fairy tales, and stories like that are just amazing!
it kinda makes me hate my country though ...


Nice post Thorsten!!

Now let's see if we can transition these back to UBER!

Thorsten Overgaard

@ Jay,
Thanks. The format and design (which is being worked on) doesn't permit me to do a looooong post. I want to.

Thorsten Overgaard

@ Darren, jiwaki, Ellinor, Tom Walsh, Sam O, Chris Weeks and rooftopjunkie,
It's not regarded that fantastic here [that you can go into the garden], because you can. It's an interesting perspective that you can't visit King George just like that.
It reminds me I was walking in my town some weeks ago with a Hungarian guy, and he points to the parked bicycles (a bunch of 200 on the corner) and says "I've never seen a country with so many bicycles. Everybody is bicycling!" – and it made me look differently at my town. Suddenly I noticed how cool in fact it was that – not only was the sun shining, but also - people were actually bicycling. Old, young, mothers with kids, girlfriends, bums, wealthy people.
So thanks' for that new viewpoint on or monarchy in Denmark. It was not an angle on this shot AT ALL. Actually, the fun part from a danish viewpoint was that they asked to get permission (when you can just go and take the apples if you like).

Anyway, maybe I should sell the story to New York Times or something. They might like it :-)

Thorsten Overgaard

Jay, Andriete,Ellinor, Chris, Magda, meredith & Jonessy, feels like an old friend now. It's farther away than actually.

Maybe this is the evolution that will bring about something - and more than one thing - interesting which wouldn't have come about if we had just continued the wonderful thingie. At least, let's all try to make something out of a bad thing that makes it better in the end!

Thorsten Overgaard

@ Brian,

Typhos, no Typhoons. are fun! I love to shoot in difficult and weird weather conditions. Sometimes it may cost a camera, but it's a great way to be alive and outside.
And in your case you got coffee and your wife probably thought it was pretty cool that you dared (and that you did what she told you to).


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I'm going to add you to my blogroll if you don't mind.

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