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26 September 2008


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I can see russia from my house!

Id get a bumper sticker with that on it for sure.. ;)

Whatever it was that happened to uber, its sad to see it go, and hope that it can come back in one way or another

Cassie Jones

Um, holy shit...

... almost anyone is more qualified than Palin!

Uber :(

Christian Rollinson

fuuuuuck meeeeeeeee, i'd rather have miss teen south carolina running the show. fucking unbelievable. i cringed all the way through that, as opposed to obama who looks like he was born for this shit.


You have prob already seen this video but if not it is worth a few laughs amidst the scares


I heard that obama is ill
and is trying to hide it?


THANK YOU for posting this, I'd been trying to think of who Palin reminded me of...


Take a good look... This person ("embodied in a female body" as to say that i have nothing against her being a woman) is just one stroke away (one skipped beat of heart, one wrong cough, too much sun) from being President of the U.S. of A. should the republicans win the election...

Forget the fact spinning, forget the past... This is the only thing that one would think is a deterrent for indecisive voters to go jump on the Democrat Bus...

Let's see how this person (again... read the other parenthesis) does when pressured to answer intelligently against the Democrat running mate.

Chris, i could help setup something that (while not attain the incredible achievements of uber, and maybe somewhat more limited) could help get artists cope with the loss (talk to Eduardo, i'm his brother, if you want to see what we can come out with)...

JD Gervais

I'm not even American... and I'm freaking the F out... I don't want to share the world's longest unprotected border with another idiot. Bush for 8 years was enough.

Vote for Obama please.


Umm... a beauty pageant contestant once asked me, "Is South Dakota the one on the bottom or the top?" and this is not a fabrication.

That writeup about uber is to be expected almost. No knowledge of what was starting to happen there... or of the fact that it was just overcoming the "alpha" stages of existence, tech wise. A responsive technical staff, etc. I'm really saddened by it all. For lack of something better to do, Internet-wise, I logged into dA. I felt like logging out again immediately. This was not how I felt when I logged into uber. What was in the making there cannot be measured or observed by the media with a cursory view. It was really in cut down in its naissance.

Dimitri Roleda

Regarding Flickr, I'm not sure whether you've read this article about them but I'll post a link anyway:

It's something about copyright infringements, but that was written a few months back.

And regarding Uber, I'll be eagerly awaiting what the team will be doing next..It's really sad that this happened..

Brian Webb

After seeing her with Kouric I soooooooooo cannot fucking wait until next Thursday.

But you know how the GOP is going to spin it after Biden embarrasses her on National TV...Biden was unfairly attacking her.

Yeah...a single teen black mom is a tragedy and can been talked about on Fox as a major issue. A single redneck teen getting knocked up is a "blessing" and is off limits.

I guess it's a "blessing" since it adds to that "White Christian Power Structure". LOL


I kinda hate this typepad... you should have restored the barbecued chick!

well... i'm thinking about where should I open the friggin blog and site now... suggestions accetped!



this woman is scaring me more and more as each day goes by. i keep hoping that i wake up and Palin was just a horrible, horrible dream.

and like everyone else, i'm so sad to see uber go :(


this woman is scaring me more and more as each day goes by. i keep hoping that i wake up and Palin was just a horrible, horrible dream.

and like everyone else, i'm so sad to see uber go :(


I may or may not have backed up most your Uber blogs to disc

Darren Abate

Don't you mean US$700B and not 700M? Just trying to make sure that the true scope of that number is felt by everyone... 'cause it's gonna be, that's for sure.

Darren Abate

As if she could in any way keep Putin in check for anything. She doesn't even have any power to DO anything to Russia.

Now, what would be reeeaaaallly funny, is Palin against Putin in a debate about... anything. The KGB general would probably kill her with his stare alone.


Haha, Palin is amazing. I'd love to see her run the country - each to it's own they say.


"I haven't been to all 57 states to campaign . . ."

"The kid with asthma has to go to the emergency room to get a breathalizer . . ."

However, when this Williamson's syndrome idiot savant screws up, the media glosses over it or completely ignore it.

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